Friday, March 29, 2013

Ole Ole Bali~~

I am so sorry guys for slow.. very slow.. turtle slow update.. After Cny I was too busy in work and also preparing my trip to South Korea and now I am back.


It was a pre-wedding honeymoon actually.. cos.. gosh its a long story. It was initially a Honey moon. the husband and me arranged it nicely but suddenly great objection from my parents about the dates....... sigh. so... we postponed our wedding to months later.. and we went for honeymoon earlier before the wedding.

Bali before wedding? not afraid of getting tanned? haha.. seriously never think of that... and i think sunblock helped tonnes too. But after that my wedding MUA said i got a little tanned compare to half year ago me while taking the pre-wedds photos... but don care la... hahahahah...

Bali is a nice place .. relaxing... no hurry.. sea side... waves... wow... i feel like going again.. muahaha...

OKAY. Seriously.

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