Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Annyeong Haseyo

 Ok. I must admit. I am a bad bad bad blogger...... I was like MIA for almost two months and now I am back to update you. Was a little bit busy becuz was having a short trip to Phuket, and back to hometown for Malaysia's GE and the result turned out to be so ... speechless... then busy in work and finally today is my last day of working here so Imma blog about my South Korea trip. SORRY for the DELAY.

The memory of South Korea is still fresh in mind, just like I went there yesterday.. and believe me, you must at least visit South Korea once in your lifetime. IT'S WORTH your penny..


Well, it was a daddy-mummy-darling girl trip, don't vomit, yes, Imma mummy's darling girl.. hehehehe... We registered ourselves with a travel agency name Apple http://www.appleholiday.com/en/ . We initially booked another trip which include most the southern part of South Korea-Jeju, Busan, Jeonju and others BUT, the number of pax were not sufficient to 'ON' the trip.. So, they suggested us to shift the other itinerary which also consist of Jeju, Seoul, Everland and so on.. After all, it was still nice and our group was quite big with 23-24pax.

I am actually a FIT traveler, but since I'm bringing my parents and they are not young, it is more convenient to join a tour group. One thing that I like travel by tour guide and leader is they really arrange everything for you, YES, EVERYTHING, even before the trip. You don't need to fill up a single form or Q to check in or worry where and how during the trip . Especially if those places you are visiting couldn't speak the languages you could, I dislike communication like chicken talking to ducks.. so picking up a tour from travel agency is a good choice.

It was a really luxury trip. We stayed in some luxury hotels such as Grand Hilton Seoul, Holiday Inn in Alpensia Ski Resort, Del-Pino in Mt Sorak-apartment with 'Tatami' style.. and meals were superb! Almost everyday BBQ and seafood all the way!! Burp!  And we are quite lucky to see SNOW, HEAVY SNOW, SNOWING on our head especially in March, it doesn't normally snow in South Korea at that time, it would only low in temperature. So, it was COLLLLDD and SNOOOWWINGG in Mt.Sorak.

Shopping in South Korea is fun despite of the currencies exchange you have to calculate in your mind... So, just a quick fun calculation. Ding ding! Maths tutorial! Eg. 1,000 won = RM 3. Method : take the amount of  the Won times 3, and take away the 3 zeros behind. So, 1,000 x 3 = 3,000, take away 3 zeros, so its equivalent to RM3. Easy? Clothings in DongDaeMun can be cheap can be expensive also. Depending designs and quality, and be aware not all is made in korea, some are from China. The most common prices I saw in 'Migliore' is around 10,000Won-15,000Won, = approx. RM30-RM45. And in Doota, its a little pricey cos they are all by local designers, but quality wise is better than those got in Migliore. If you are lucky to bump into some sales item, then its quite worthy to buy. I  got some 10,000-18,000.. good quality and design. According to my tour guide, Korean stars often shopping here... shhhhh..... but even if I bumped into them, i don't recognised them too. LOL.

Food. OMG SUPER DELICIOUS .........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, too over. all the BBQ, seafood, soupy thingy, EVERYTHING even the KIMCHIIIIII is BERY THE YUMMY! No kidding ok, seriously. LOL. Maybe I fancy Korean food even in kl. So those in Korea were UPGRADED version. yes, upgraded yummy version.

OK. pictures time.
Jeju Island, traditional village. something like that.

me likey this view so muchhhhhhh

this is a hard core exercise i forgot how many hundreds step to climb up!

and if spring time with all green grass suppose to like like this..
tulips festive in Everland!!!
i love hotel's buffet breakfast~


Ginseng Chicken

BBQ PORK! Tender and droolingggggg

i donno what its call in english ... i only know chinese 韩定食. Something like their authentic fusion cuisine.

MyeongDong, girl's heaven for facial products!

NANTA show, a laugh die me show. tears and mucus..

Snow in Mt Sorak..

Heavy Snow~

ok . finish. BAI. 

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